The birds were all waking up and singing and it seemed like a lovely, calm, springy morning.
Then all of sudden there was this mighty crash of thunder.

Bizarre. It's not yet even rained...

I've had but one hours sleep because of this. Who wants to sleep through a storm?

Treating Me Kind Or Treating Me Mean...

Well. It's been a long time since I was last ranting away on here.

I've decided to come back to livejournal after getting a little too obsessed with myspace. I don't really use that place for blogs anyway.

Right. The usual. Nothing's changed.

Now I've got that bit over, as soon as I gain a life I'll write all about it.

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Cor Blimey!

Reading over my old entries was weird.
I went on about Stuart quite a bit, didn't I?
It's been almost a year since we split, yet looking at this journal it seems like it only just happened.
Oh, we're still friends though. Real good friends.

In other news... I have no other news.

Oh. Wait. Yes I do.

I'm getting a new job, then moving flat again, and I've just become an auntie.

That sums up what all my life is about at the moment.
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Hi Hi Hi There...

I have a week at home with my lovely lovely internet while my folks go away. I just have to look after the cats basically. It's gonna rock. Nothing to do for one whole week. Get in!

Well, everything's going pretty cool with the flat and all that business. Life's being kind at the moment...

Well, I've gotta go, I need to nip back to my flat, I forgot some things... argh!
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The Times They Are A-Changing....

Hi Hi Hi!

How's everybody doing?
Sorry I'm so slack on this livejournal thing, but I only get about once a month on here these days. Anyway. Everything is pretty well in my life at the moment.
Actually come to think of it I have no news. Wow. My life is boring... I'm still getting on brilliantly with my flat mate which is mighty fine (even better when she walks around naked!)
Ooh, and now it's more like summer so I'm very happy about that, even if I am in town and there is no grass, birds, anything. I have a nice yellow brick wall outside my window to look at though. Ah well, can't truely complain to be perfectly honest.

Yes, so, I'm gonna go now...

Take care darlings!

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I split up with my bloke. No future. Wasn't happening for me anymore...
This meant leaving our flat. Bedsit. Room. Cupboard.

Which has been the best thing in the world for me. I can breathe!

I now live in a beautiful, brand new, big flat with a colleague. She was looking for a new place to live too, so I thought, hey, we could get a pretty decent place if we find somewhere together. And so it was.

That was all back in September.

And, oh how great things are now.

I. Am. Happy. And it's a bizarre feeling...

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Love Ashley