Lee (explosive_sugar) wrote,

The Times They Are A-Changing....

Hi Hi Hi!

How's everybody doing?
Sorry I'm so slack on this livejournal thing, but I only get about once a month on here these days. Anyway. Everything is pretty well in my life at the moment.
Actually come to think of it I have no news. Wow. My life is boring... I'm still getting on brilliantly with my flat mate which is mighty fine (even better when she walks around naked!)
Ooh, and now it's more like summer so I'm very happy about that, even if I am in town and there is no grass, birds, anything. I have a nice yellow brick wall outside my window to look at though. Ah well, can't truely complain to be perfectly honest.

Yes, so, I'm gonna go now...

Take care darlings!

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